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Dingiso Coffee and Roastery was established on 2019 by its founder who realised that despite Indonesia's status as the top 5 coffee producing countries in the world, only a part of our archipelago's extensive catalogue of coffee is known worldwide especially unique and special tasting arabica and Liberica Coffee beans, one of the rarest types of coffee species. it is due to this fact that we strive to introduce and promote Indonesia's unique coffee beans internationally.

We also realise that there are still several weaknesses in Indonesia's coffee supply chain from farm management, mixed crop variety, sub-optimal yields, inefficient post harvest methods as well as logistics that we hope to improve by involving and supporting Indonesian coffee farmers in our endeavors to produce a higher cupping score and higher quality green beans.



As we are a roastery, we are also able to process these green beans into roasted coffee beans by our certified professional roaster so that the coffee produced is roasted to bring out the strengths of each coffee origin as well as consistency in terms of its roasting profile. furthermore our roasted coffee is Halal certified as well as having a distribution permit with a health certificate available if needed so you can be sure of its quality and safety.


SINCE 2019

Finally, we store the green beans in our warehouse located in Jakarta where we accomodate green beans from all around Indonesia in a centralized location, quality controlled, repackaged, paletted and ready for shipping and export.

To Establish Dingiso Coffee as a priority hub for Indonesian Coffee worldwide

  1. To promote different kinds of Indonesian Origin Coffee

  2. To be involved in the economic empowerment of Indonesian Coffee farmers

  3. To help preserve Indonesian Nature, culture and art.

  4. Cultivating partnerships based on trust and fairness

  5. To satisfy our customer's expectations

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