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Our brand "Dingiso" is named after a tree kangaroo, endemic to the Intanjaya Mountain range located in Papua, East Indonesia. Our brand is specifically chosen by one of our partners, a public figure from the Moni tribe  in west papua in order to protect and conserve this endangered animal as they are often hunted and killed for their meat. The Dingiso itself is believed by the moni tribe to be their ancestor which should not be harmed. 

As one of our mission is to preserve Indonesia's Nature, Art and culture we adopted the name "Dingiso Coffee" as a means to help spread the knowledge of the Dingiso and help their conservation. Furthermore our signature coffee, the Intanjaya coffee can only be sourced near the place where the Dingiso reside. Since then we have expanded our reach to not only papua but other parts of Indonesia as well.

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